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Who We Are

Furniture and upholstery are things we can’t live without. But what do you do when they increase your risk of getting sick?

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi find upholstery the best places to make their homes in. Before you will even realize, your sofa might turn into a breeding ground and become festered with microbes. To ensure that you don’t end up being affected by this, regular upholstery cleaning is something you need to do.

Not sure about how you are supposed to accomplish upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis? Call Servicemaxx now and get the best experts in the area right where you want them to be.

What We Do

At Servicemaxx we provide customers with a number of cleaning services. We maintain supreme quality across the board with the best staff in the area and usage of the very best materials and equipment available in the market currently. Although upholstery cleaning has long remained our specialty, at Servicemaxx we bring customers in Indianapolis a number of other refined and quality cleaning experiences too.

The services that we offer include:

Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Rug, Spot Cleaning and much more!

Why You Need Indianapolis Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets tend to have dirt stick to them over time. Not only do they come into contact with the base of footwear but they also happen to provide the place for many different objects, making it easy for dust and dirt to accumulate on your carpets. Carpets generally tend to keep whatever lies on them, and even your typical dusting is not enough to solve the issue.


Pet Hair Removal

Another factor that dirties carpets extensively is the presence of pets. Pets are a common fixture in many homes, with ones having fur proving to be quite popular. Although always good for a cuddle, furry pets carry a lot of dirt and harmful bacteria with them. No matter how often you bathe them, they will end up dirtying your carpets. This makes your Indianapolis home’s carpets a possible home for many harmful microbes, making carpet cleaning essential.

Why Choose Us

Not only does Servicemaxx offer you the very best upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis, but we also bring you the equipment and expertise that is bound to make your cleaning experience successful and keep it so for many years to come. We aim to build long-lasting business relationships with our Indianapolis customers and we recognize that the best way to do that is by giving customers the cleaning services that will keep them happy for a long time.

It’s a service that is not just going to clean your furniture and leave your upholstery unblemished, it is going to give them the look that they had before a speck of dirt or dust touched them. Our service is more than just cleaning; it is restoration. With our Indianapolis Uphulstry Cleaning Service offerings, you get to keep your upholstery shining for a long time to come. So head on to Servicemaxx for the upholstery cleaning and regular cleaning service that you want and need.

Happy Clients


I have now had Servicemaxx out to my house twice to clean. The 1st time was within a week of buying our home. I thought the carpets would need to be replaced but after Servicemaxx was through they looked really good. Had them out again before Christmas to clean just 3 rooms and they again did a fantastic job.

- Jennifer S.

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